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Growing your supply chain maturity from operational to strategic to optimized requires Tecsys. Discover why our solutions are trusted by the top healthcare systems and hospitals in North America.

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Discover why world-class healthcare supply chains run on Elite™ Healthcare solutions. It’s because we equip supply chain greatness.

Healthcare Supply Chain Management

From receiving on your dock to just-in-time delivery at the patient’s bedside and every stage in between, it is critical that you efficiently deliver supplies and packages exactly when they are needed. Elite™ Healthcare SCM’s demand planning application empowers your organization to forecast accurately and achieve continuous, just-in-time procurement.

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Warehouse Management

Elite™ Healthcare WMS provides the technology backbone required to create a consolidated service center and achieve inventory management and control across your entire network. Our solution enables standardization, system-directed processes and total visibility of inventory to reduce spending and improve service levels with just-in-time delivery of supplies.

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Transportation Management

Understand where every package, asset and resource is at all times and achieve the transparency and efficiency of a world-class distribution courier. Elite™ Healthcare TMS allows a health system to ship goods via a common (external) carrier with requisite regulatory requirements.

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Delivery Management

Gain chain-of-command visibility, security and reliability throughout your health system’s delivery network and the tools to optimize and evolve your logistics activities as your hospital or health system requires. Elite™ Healthcare DM gives you the tools to optimize and evolve your logistics activities within your health system’s owned fleet of delivery vehicles.

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Point of Use

Track products requiring item-level traceability from receipt into inventory to utilization for a patient. Elite™ Healthcare POU automates the management of critical specialty items used in any procedural areas to eliminate time-consuming, manual processes and provide real-time tracking of product movement and usage across the front line of service.

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Pharmacy Inventory Management

Elite™ PIMS enables you to control your pharmacy inventory costs with a centralized supply chain approach. Efficient, automated processes can be deployed throughout your pharmacy supply chain, allowing your system to fully recover avoidable expenses sustained in the management and dispensation of medications, while preserving accuracy and timeliness.

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Easily monitor and improve your ongoing supply chain performance and case costing with real-time analytics that will help you reduce expenses and recover valuable staff time. Elite™ Healthcare Analytics gives you extensive, accurate utilization and cost data, empowering you to make confident business decisions.

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