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If your warehouse is challenged by labor shortages, meeting customer demands or improving operational efficiency, let Tecsys help. Our team of warehouse automation experts will guide you through the entire journey from selection to implementation.

Equip your warehouse with emerging automation solutions


With several warehouse automation systems now in existence, Tecsys can help you select, evaluate and implement the right technology for your business needs. Unlike many other solution providers, Tecsys doesn't sell or represent any particular brand or type of automation. We can act as a completely independent and unbiased advisor on your automation project.

Deliver products in record time

The robotic cube is a goods-to-person system that is flexible and high-density storage solution enabling businesses to deliver products in record time.

  • Cube-based automated storage.
  • Automatically transport goods directly to operator for picking.
  • Eliminate travel time.
  • Rapid pick rates for smaller and lighter items.

Maximize warehouse floor space

Vertical lift modules are another goods-to-person automated storage and retrieval system designed to make it easy to modify and change heights, locations and pick windows at any time.

  • Vertical storage with trays in the front and back of a column.
  • Inserter and extractor system that runs down the center.
  • Delivers the stored trays to work counter.
  • Fast to fulfill clients on site or counter picking – popular in the electrical industry.

Boost supply chain and labor efficiency

Cobots are a person-to-goods automated guided vehicle system that can perform more repetitive, complex or hazardous tasks in the warehouse to enable your staff to focus on more value-added operations.

  • Automated guided vehicle (AGV) guided by wires or QR codes on the floor.
  • Autonomous mobile robot (AMR) operates via internal warehouse mapping.
  • Item picking, movement of pallets or cases, security and cleaning.
  • Popular with 3PLs and multi-use warehousing.

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The expectations of the digital consumer are fundamentally changing how supply chains need to operate, and this is in turn changing the technologies that warehouses need to have to keep pace. The dynamics of omnichannel and digital commerce, and the fulfillment flexibility needed to blaze through higher volumes of smaller orders, will require automation-driven warehouses to handle every wrinkle of complexity headed our way.”

- Guy Courtin, Vice President of Industry and Advanced Technology at Tecsys

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