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Episode 11: The MODEX Episode: How are Supply Chains Adapting to E-commerce Expectations?

Featuring Nabil Malouli, digital supply chain evangelist and VP of Global E-commerce at DHL, this special extended episode gives a glimpse into the changing e-commerce order profile, omnichannel fulfillment strategies, micro-fulfillment and hyperlocal fulfillment, and its impact on the evolving role of third-party logistics providers. 

With many years of experience in the world of e-commerce, Nabil helps DHL meet next generation supply chain expectations through fast and sustainable solutions. Together with Guy Courtin, Bill Denbigh and Adam Polka, Nabil touches on the changing role of the warehouse, keeping pace with fulfillment expectations, robotics and their impact on contemporary labor challenges, and the role of the gig economy in modern fulfillment. 

Our guest, Nabil Malouli, shares his powerful insights on what adaptation looks like in today’s digital commerce ecosystem, and how companies of every size are poised to take advantage of that shifting landscape. 



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