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Episode 13: On Location: What Are the Problems and Possibilities with Robotics-Supported Fulfillment?

On location at MODEX 2022, we connected with Jim Brownell, partner in the GO5 consulting practice for warehouse robotics and automation company GreyOrange, to discuss the evolving role that robotics are playing in the supply chain fulfillment cycle.

With over 40 years of experience in the supply chain technology sector, Jim is a wealth of information with a keen sense of how innovation will translate into pragmatic business value. As automation technologies cross over from early adopter to mainstream, we investigate emerging use cases, practical applications for robotics in the warehouse and beyond, and some of the unintended inefficiencies that automation and robotics introduced at customer sites in early implementations.

The robotics industry is exceptionally noisy right now; but our guest, Jim Brownell, does a remarkable job of filtering out the noise and providing sound advice to paint a pragmatic picture of the automated warehouse sector to come.



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